UP Initial Fertilizer Sticks 150g – Pupuk Dasar/Tancap Aquascape

Rp 45,000


UP Initial Planted Aquarium Fertilizer Sticks – 150g

In the beginning to set up a planted tank.

Converts sterile aquarium gravel into a fertile substrate for your aquatics plants.

Advantage :

A natural product containing humus matter, minerals, trace laments and inorganic nutrients.
Special formula for long term affectivity, ensure aquatic plant growth rapidly.
It’s simple and safety for use, do not cloud the water
Directions :

About 2g of sticks per one litter of water, or 60x30cm use one box (150g)
Put the appropriate quantity of sticks in 1/3 location of soil bed and then cover with the remaining 2/3 gravel
The total height of the gravel should measure approx. 5-8cm.

Berat 500 g


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