UP GH Test Kits D-618

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1. The salts of calcium and magnesium are a major constitution of general hardness (GH) which is a very important element to certain plants. Plant lesions, like tip shrinkage, twisting of leaves, and abnormal development, always happen in low GH conditions. Knowing GH value is the key to a successful plant aquarium. The normal degree of general hardness (dGH) should be kept between 7~9

2. S.T. international GH Test can easily and accurately read the correct GH value in the shortest time. The S.T. international GH Buffer will easily raise GH and KH (carbonate hardness up simultaneously, and keep it at a safe and stable condition

3. Some fish, like African cichlid and guppy, prefer an environment with a higher GH. Only when their water quality is healthy, will they have brilliant colors and be able to breed. In water with low GH, they are weak, easily get sick, and can even die


Rinse the Test Cylinder with the sample water before proceeding. Fill the cylinder with 5ml of the sample water and add 5 drops of the GH TEST 1
Add 1 scoop of the GH TEST 2 powder, and dissolve the powder by gently shaking the cylinder
Add 1 drop of GH TEST 3 and gently shake the cylinder. The water will turn red
Continuously add 1 drop at a time of GH TEST 3, gently shaking between drops. Water will turn purple and then blue. Continue to add drops until the water stays blue for 30 seconds without changing
The total number of drops of GH TEST 3 added is the dGH (degree of general hardness)
For example, when 5 drops are added, the dGH in the water is 5
Note: 1 dGH = 17.8 ppm CaCO3 (calcium carbonate)

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