UP CO2 Test Kits D-617

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1. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is the most important nutrient source to water plants. Plants will not grow with insufficient CO2, even if other trace elements are still supplied daily. However, it can be harmful for fish if the CO2 concentration is too high. Knowing the accurate concentration of CO2 is very important. The optimum CO2 concentration is 20~25mg/L (ppm). The higher concentration of 25~30mg/L or higher is suggested to supply plants which need a high light intensity.

2. UP CO2 Test Kit offers the best suggestion for using CO2. Our Kit assures a great start for a successful plant aquarium.

3. UP Test Series also offers CO2 monitoring with our CO2 Long-Term Monitor by simply looking at a test strip color chart of blue, green and yellow. It is a simple and accurate kit, and provides easy CO2 long term monitoring to make sure it is at the optimum range


Rinse the Test Cylinder with the sample water before proceeding. Fill the cylinder with 20ml of the sample water and add 5 drops of the CO2 TEST 1
Add 1 drop of the CO2 TEST 2 and gently shake the cylinder. The water will turn pink, and gradually get pale
Continuously add 1 drop of CO2 TEST 2 at a time, gently shaking between drops, until the water stays pink for 60 seconds without changing.
1 drop of TEST 2 = 2mg/L
10 drops of TEST 2 = 20 mg/L
The appropriate CO2 concentration in a plant aquarium should be 20~30mg/L

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