UP Aqua A-931 Centigrade & Fahrenheit Digital Thermometer

Rp 60,000


UP AQUA Digital Thermometer is a battery powered thermometer to monitor the temperature in an aquarium. Its large LCD screen makes it easy to read with the ability to switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit. It is accurate and measures within 0.1 of a degree. It also has an ON/OFF Button to save battery power. For freshwater and marine tanks.


Fix digital thermometer on the outside of the aquarium and submerge probe into the water. Press the power switch for 3 seconds to turn off the power. Measuring range in water -50 to +70 Degrees Celsius. Ambient temperature -10 to + 50 Degrees Celsius. Battery type LR44 x 1.

UP AQUA Digital Thermometer;

Large LCD Display
Measures in 0.1 of a degree
Centigrade and Fahrenheit
For fresh or saltwater aquariums
ON/OFF Button for power save
Battery Included

Berat 300 g


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