SL AQUA MORE WATER Aqua Guard 250ml

Rp 250,000

Aqua Guard

This product is a multifunctional water stabilizer, which can easily remove chlorine (Cl2), chloramine (NH2Cl) and heavy metals from water. It also lowers the ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3) levels and builds stable environment. MORE Water Stabilizer is also effective for reducing the stress levels in your animals.

1. You can add stabilizer into water directly when starting a new aquarium or changing water.
2. Add 10ml per 100 liters of water; double the dosage in high chlorine or chloramine levels situation.
3. Quintuple the dosage in high nitrite and nitrate levels situation.
4. Compatible with freshwater and saltwater.
Berat 500 g


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