SL-AQUA Magic Powder – Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes for shrimp tank

Rp 205,000

Magic Powder is a bacteria and enzyme product that promotes growth of microfauna and beneficial bacterian in the water and the shrimp’s digestive tract. Even though the name suggests otherwise; this is not a secret magic ingredient solving all your problems. What it does is improve water quality and supports your shrimp’s digestive system. That way it is similar to products like Bacter AE and Genchem’s Biozyme/Polytase combo. We would suggest not to use this product together with other bacterial products to avoid over dosing of bacteria (different times within your feeding schedule is fine).

SL-Aqua Magic Powder will increase beneficial bacteria in the shrimp tank. Used Regularly to ensure good water quality and stability, maintain good health of the shrimp, help digestion, protect the digestive tract, improve feeding efficiency, and increase survival of shrimp.

Package: 40g

Berat 300 g


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