CHIHIROS Super Jet Filter ES-1200 Stainless External Canister

Rp 6,720,000


Brand New Super Professional Chihiros Stainless Steel Filter.
Specifically designed for the Nature Aquarium.
Made from stainless steel to ensure quality, durability and beauty
Extra-large capacity for filter media to ensure maximum performance
They utilise a special Magnet Pump which has a uniquely shaped impeller and highly durable shaft that ensure that the filter has extra high power.
Inflow & Outflow pipe are not included.

Specification :
Brand Chihiros
Filter Type Canister
External Size 235 x 499mm
Filtration Volume 12 liters
Flow Rate 2300L/H
Max-H 3.4M
Power Input AC220V50-60HZ
Inflow Hose Size 16/22mm
Outflow Hose Size 12/16mm
Tank Length Suggestion 120CM – 150CM
Packing weight : 15kg.

Berat 16000 g


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