CHIHIROS LED Light System 301 High Stand- LED301-SH – Lampu Aquascape

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Chihiros LED Lighting Systems Stainless Steel 301 High Type

Chihiros LED 301 on stilts and is suited for Wabikusa water leaves foster LED lighting products, stainless steel special brackets, you can make the light-moderate, leaving room for the plants to grow.

This is an excellent design LED for growing aquatic live plants professionally. It can also replace the HQI lamp as high brightness provider for your tank.

High brightness white LED with optimum design configuration to achieve maximum and optimal light distribution with the same specifications.

LED cover made of aluminum alloy that reducing the heat generation problem of high luminosity.

This LED is supported to adjust 7-level brightness control, makes the LED control is more humane by the Wire Remote Controller. You coud also update to extra Free Wire Remote Controller.

LED301-SH Attachment List

LED Stainless Steel Stand x 1
LED Lighting Main Body x 1
Wire Remote Control-101C x 1
Power Plug x 1
Power Adapter x 1

Additional Information

Tank Specifications for 30cm of length with 6mm glass or less
Brand Chihiros
Model LED301-SH
Tank Length Suggestion 30CM
Lighting Cover Size W270 x D68 x H10mm
Stand Size W307x H220mm
Power Consumption 18 Watts
LED Quantity 0.5W / each x 36
Color Temperature Around 7,000K
Power Input AC100 – 240V50-60HZ
Luminous Flux 1700 – 1800lm
LED Lifetime Over 50,000hrs
Operating Temperature Range -20 – 40
Compatible with Cube Glass Max thickness 6mm tank

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