SL-AQUA More White. Shrimp Food

Rp 195,000


SL-Aqua M.O.R.E White

Like all other SL-Aqua MORE foods, you’ll notice how the food holds its shape and does not get soft and spread all over your substrate. This is a very important quality you should look for in high quality foods, don’t settle for anything but the highest quality to ensure success!

This is a supplementary food for shrimp rich in minerals and trace elements. Shrimp need a steady supply of mineral and trace elements for healthy growth and shell development. An imbalance in mineral supply can result in moulting issues. MORE White is rich in minerals, additionally it has an impact on colouration, especially the white banding of Crystal and Taiwan Bee shrimp.

Characteristics :
1. Easily sinks to the bottom of the tank. High nutritional ingredients and well balanced.
2. Enhanced resistance against disease thus increasing shrimp survival rates. Increases growth rate.
3. Natural ingredients, no chemical additives..

Content :Vegetable protein, spirulina, vitamins, yeast, amino acids and trace minerals. 100% GMO Free

Berat 200 g


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