PRODIBIO Bacteria & Fungi – SALT. Obat Ikan Laut, anti bakteri & jamur

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Prodibio X6 vials
Aquarium Cure Program
– Pengobatan ikan hias karena bakteri dan penyakit jamur:
– Infeksi jamur
– limfositosis

Bacteria_&_Fungi_Salt is a cure treatment for bacteria and fungal diseases for salt water aquarium fish Box of 6 vials (5 Bacteria_&_Fungi_Salt + 1 BioDigest_Start)

Bacteria_&_Fungi_Salt information

Treatment of ornamental salt water fish for bacteria and fungal diseases
Cure for:
– fungal infections
– lymphocytosis

BioDigest_Start is a concentrated bacterial solution which biologically filters and eliminates aquarium waste. It allows to start biological filtration
Bacteria_&_Fungi_Salt is a drug intended for ornamental fish, it should not be used to fish for human consumption.

When should Bacteria_&_Fungi_Salt be used ?

Whitish or yellowish secretions,
Ulcers, skin inflammations
Bleeding, scale loss
Fin decomposition, bulging eyes, cotton fluff, swollen belly
Unusual oscillatory movements of the fish
At the end of the treatment period, the use of BioDigest_Start allows the regeneration of the biological filtration in your marine water aquarium

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